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Where to Order Quality Mazda OEM Spare Parts

Genuine parts Dubai


Mazda has a long history of building cars with high standards of quality and reliability. The company’s engineering prowess has enabled it to develop some of the most advanced engines in the industry, including the SKYACTIV-G direct injection gasoline engine and the SKYACTIV-D diesel engine. Mazda’s commitment to innovation extends beyond its drivetrain technology: Mazda vehicles are known for their dynamic driving experience, superior handling characteristics and outstanding fuel economy.

Mazda genuine spare parts Dubai are designed and built to fit your Mazda vehicle. They are made with high quality materials and meet or exceed the original equipment specifications. Mazda genuine parts can be identified by the manufacturer’s name, logo and part number on the product packaging. They are covered under warranty for a period of 12 months/120,000 km from the date of purchase against faulty manufacturing, materials or workmanship. This includes all Mazda-branded new vehicles sold in UAE as well as used vehicles that are less than 7 years old at time of purchase.

When to replace Mazda parts

The replacement of these parts is required if the fault is caused by normal wear and tear; an accident or damage; incorrect use; neglect; improper maintenance; deterioration through age or use of unsuitable lubricants; intentional damage or misuse caused by improper installation or removal; corrosion resulting from failure to follow recommended maintenance procedures; damage caused by exposure to heat through improper storage conditions such as leaving a car parked in direct sunlight for extended periods of time; or damage caused by chemical reactions with other materials such as paint sealants and waxes applied over time to protect surfaces from rusting.

Mazda offers a wide range of products under its brand name to suit different segments of the market from diesel engines with manual transmission to automatic transmission options for all its models. The Mazda original equipment manufacturer looks forward to introducing new technologies in their cars like autonomous driving features which will make driving safer and easier for customers around the world. This way you know you are getting the best, high quality spare part for your vehicle.

Genuine spare parts

With Mazda genuine auto spare parts Dubai, you can be sure that your vehicle is getting the best quality components. Genuine spare parts are the only parts that can be guaranteed to fit your Mazda because they’re designed specifically for your model. Mazda genuine parts are made to the same high quality standards and specifications as the parts fitted to your Mazda.

OEM parts are tested to ensure that they meet all relevant quality and safety standards, and are approved for use on your vehicle by exceptionally skilled engineers. Therefore, Mazda OEM parts have been tested to meet Mazda’s strict quality standards and will help keep your car running like new for years to come. All these products should come directly from the original manufacturers so they have guaranteed authenticity. To find out more about Mazda genuine parts, please visit our website:-

To ensure you get the correct part for your vehicle, we need your VIN number.

Failure to provide your vehicle’s VIN number leads to no guarantee that the spare part ordered will fit. To ensure you get the correct part for your vehicle, give us the exact VIN number. A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or serial number is a unique identifier assigned by an issuing agency to every new automobile and motorcycle. The VIN serves as a serial number of all motor vehicles sold in the U.S., Canada and Mexico since 1981 (in Japan since 1966). It has been encoded into barcodes that are linked to a database so that it can be checked against theft records before selling or registering the vehicle in another state or country.

Best prices, products of superior quality and excellent customer service

At Isher Trading, we stock a full range of genuine Mazda parts available, including engine and transmission components, suspension and braking systems, electrical accessories and body parts. And if you’re looking for something specific – such as the entire headlight assembly or a particular bolt – we’ll find it for you. When you are unsure about exactly what part you need then our experienced parts specialists will be happy to help you to keep your Mazda running like new.

As a leading supplier and source of OEM Mazda parts and accessories, our biggest goal is to keep your Mazda driving like it just came off the line. Contact our dedicated parts department with part specialists that are here to help you find the right part for your car whether it’s a new bumper cover or a new set of floor mats. These Mazda parts and accessories are designed to fit your car, truck or SUV. Our list of  spare part for your vehicle, carry popular items like:

  • Body & Inside Equipment
  • Engine & Drivetrain
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Brakes & Chassis Electrical System

Ordering a Mazda genuine spare part

On any occasion of hunting down OEM Mazda spare parts, sought out an experienced supplier. They will have a wide variety of Japanese brands’ spare parts like Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota,Isuzu, Suzuki and Honda genuine spare parts Dubai and accessories for you, offer door to door delivery, a product warranty, and great after sales service. A team that will answer any questions that you may have and help solve any issues that might arise when it comes to Mazda vehicles.

In need of assistance or have any questions? Call us today to book your order: +971 4 557 8613 / +971 4 554 1505. Isher Trading is proud to supply our customers with the finest selection of Mazda OEM spare parts Dubai. We have experience in supplying vehicles across UAE and other parts of the Middle East region, so you can rely on us to provide only the best quality products at competitive prices.

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