About us

Isher Trading LLC
Was formed in 2009

Isher Trading is a principal supplier of OEM auto spare parts in the UAE automotive business. As front-runners in the Middle East auto spare parts industry, our success story characterises our dedication to being a reliable and loyal supplier with a wide customer base in the Gulf that spreads largely to other parts of the world. Our steady growth in profits and performance are results of providing quality spare parts, fast delivery and exceptional customer service over the years. We thrive in meeting customers' demands and requirements by offering them spare parts that meet their vehicle requirements and international standards.

Our wide range of OEM automotive spare parts fall under different categories in terms of brands. Spare parts are a necessity for car owners. A reason why we ventured into this business. Long ago, we mastered the art of finding the right fitting OEM spare parts for different types of vehicles. Feel free to contact us to enquire on the available spare parts as well as the prices.

With every order we deliver, we utilise that opportunity to penetrate the market and capture the niche of the region we delivered to for we aspire to pioneer in the field of OEM auto spare parts supply in the Middle East and other parts of the world. We guarantee a great after-sales customer experience regardless of the weight of your order. Find us on the move to catch up with new business policies as well as spare parts standard requirements.

Consolidation of Orders

Our unique delivery system that allows us to combine the orders from different clients and send them in one shipment. The orders are adjoined and shipment takes place through air within one to two weeks from Dubai.

Product Coverage

We cover all your OEM spare parts needs by offering a wide range of auto spare parts from American, European, Japanese and Korean automobile manufacturing companies. Our diverse range of OEM auto spare parts caters to luxury and economy vehicles.