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The Risks of Using Fake Auto Spare Parts

OEM/Genuine Spare parts Dubai

Spare parts are an essential product for vehicles. They allow drivers to keep their cars on the road and prevent them from having to do unnecessary maintenance. It is crucial to use genuine parts because they are lower in maintenance cost, come with a warranty, and can be expected to last longer. But buying genuine spare parts can be expensive and they may not even be available depending on where you live. This means that many people will look for cheaper auto spare parts from unverified brands. But what are the risks of buying auto spare parts instead of genuine auto spare parts Dubai? Let’s look at the risks you pose to your vehicle and you when you start using fake spare parts.

Hidden Dangers and Risks of Buying Fake Auto Spare Parts

Damage to Other Auto Parts

If you use fake auto spare parts, there is a high chance that they can damage other parts of your vehicle. A lot of people have experienced this problem and it is one of the most common issues when it comes to using fake auto spares. The reason why it happens is because these fake spare parts are not made from the same material as genuine ones, so they don’t fit well with your car. This can cause problems in the future.

Lack of Warranty

Another major problem that you will experience if you use fake auto spare parts is that you will not be eligible for any warranty on them. When you buy genuine parts from authorized dealerships, they come with a warranty which protects them from any damage or defect in their quality. However, if you install an aftermarket part in your car, then there will be no such protection available for it and this means that if something goes wrong with it within a short period of time after installing it, then you might have to bear all the costs associated with repairing or replacing the part yourself.

Increased Risk of Failure

The use of fake auto spare parts can lead to a higher risk of failure. They may not be as durable as their original counterparts and they can also be more prone to wear and tear. This is because they’re not made with the same quality materials, which means they won’t last as long. In addition, if you opt for a cheaper option, it’s likely that the product won’t perform as well as you’d like it to. It could even break down sooner than expected and need replacing again before its time.

Worse Performance

If you’re looking for a way to increase your car’s performance or simply improve its aesthetic appeal, then using fake spare parts might not be the best idea. You could end up with a vehicle that looks similar but runs worse than before! Due to this, people who rely on their vehicles for work or everyday tasks may need to replace them sooner than expected because they aren’t doing their job properly anymore.

The Cost Implications

If you’re not sure of the quality of the fake spare parts, you could be paying for something that is not worth it. You might end up buying a fake product, which is not as good as it claims to be, and this could cost you more money in the long run. You will also have to replace them again and again, and this will cost you even more money than what you would have spent on Toyota genuine parts Dubai supplied.

They Don’t Fit Properly

If the fake auto spare part doesn’t fit properly, then it can cause damage to your vehicle. For example, if a brake pad does not fit properly in its place then it can damage your brakes and make them less effective than they should be. This can also cause accidents while driving as there are chances that an accident may occur due to poor braking functionality of your car.

Dangerous & Poor Quality

Fake auto spare parts are often made from inferior materials, which can cause them to break down or malfunction easily. This could lead to an accident on the road, which could result in serious injuries or even death for the driver and passengers inside the car. If a fake spare part breaks down while you’re driving your car, it could cause you to lose control of your vehicle and crash into another vehicle or object on the road.


Material Defects

Fake auto parts are made with low-quality materials that can easily wear out or break down very quickly due to their poor craftsmanship and construction methods used during manufacturing processes. These parts are not made by professional engineers who know how to make durable products but rather by people who don’t care about quality at all because they know their products won’t last long anyway.

Electrical Faults

Fake electrical components do not hold up well under pressure and are likely to malfunction when they start to wear out. The failure of these components can result in short circuit and fire, which poses a serious danger to occupants and other drivers on the road.

Leaky Fluids

Fake fluid components may leak fluids or even burst, leading to loss of control over your vehicle or even an accident. Fake fluid components are usually made from poor quality materials that are unable to withstand pressure caused by braking or acceleration. This makes them more susceptible to leaking fluids at high speeds or even bursting under pressure.

High Repair Bills

If you install fake auto spare parts in your vehicle, then you will have to pay more money for repairs in future. The reason behind this is simple; these products are made with substandard materials and they do not perform as well as real ones do. As a result, you will have to spend more money on repairing them again and again. Buying Mercedes, Audi, Land Rover, Chevrolet, Ford, Renault and BMW OEM/Genuine Spare Parts Dubai for your luxurious vehicle will enable you to maintain it and ensure comfort and ease of driving.

Harmful to the Environment

Fake auto spare parts are harmful to both humans and animals as well as the environment around us. This is because many of these items contain harmful chemicals which can cause cancer or other diseases if ingested by human beings or animals. Moreover, it can also pollute our natural resources such as water supply and soil when disposed of improperly by people who install them into their vehicles without knowing about their harmful effects on health and environment.


Less Durable

The fake auto spare parts are less durable than the original ones. They can be damaged easily, and you need to replace them again and again. However, if you use the original auto spare parts, then they will last long without any damage or wear and tear.

Seek Genuine Auto Spare Parts Dubai From A Reputable Dealer

To make the right decision, it is important to understand the risks associated with using fake or aftermarket auto spare parts. The main risk is the poor performance of these parts and they may fail prematurely, putting in danger the lives of everyone on board. Counterfeit auto parts are illegally produced products that should never be considered as an alternative to genuine or OEM spare parts Dubai. In other words, it’s best to stick with reputable dealers who offer affordable auto spare parts, such as Isher Trading.