November 20, 2016
November 20, 2016

Chrysler OEM Spare Parts Dubai

Chrysler and Isher Trading LLC are synonymous for delivering quality and best pricing to each customer who has dealt with us in Chrysler OEM Parts from Dubai. Original and ancillary plug-ins for Chrysler are demanded because these branded vehicles need replacement of parts due to wear and tear but there needs to be an assurance that these parts are OEM and original. Using fake, cheap or low quality products may result in damage to the vehicle as the collateral parts get damaged due to corrosion when an unoriginal part is used. This has been seen in vehicles and definitely, luxury vehicles and brand names as Chrysler definitely do not deserve such an improper treatment.


Isher Trading LLC is a credible and reliable name when it comes to Chrysler’s original and OEM ancillary plug-ins and OEM products. We have been in the business for the last five years and have seen it growing leaps and bounds, thanks to the wide customer base and happy customer testimonials that we have received tremendously over a period of time. Isher Trading LLC has been the customer choice for a number of reasons. Firstly, we supply just the original and OEM ancillary plug-ins of leading American, European, Japanese and Korean car brands and Chrysler Spare parts from Dubai. We do not believe in and do not deal in cheap and fake ancillary plug-ins.


Secondly, we offer all our customers a one-year guarantee which means that if an unlikely situation of a part which has been replaced malfunctioning in the first year or any spare part showing wear and tear in the first year of its usage, we will replace the product without asking any questions. This also shows our confidence in the quality of the products we deal with, as we are sure of the fact that you will not face any such situation. Thirdly, we are the stockers and suppliers of the ancillary plug-ins, which mean two things, first, that whenever you require a part, it will be easily available from Chrysler OEM Parts Dubai, so the scenario of you placing an order and us delivering it late will never arise. Secondly, we deal with bulk supplying so in the case you need bulk supplies from us, we will be more than glad to service your requirements.


This has resulted in developing a legacy in the market which is know well known and pronounced for customer service and quality products which match the standards and specifications as justified by the leading automobile brands whose ancillary plug-ins we stock and supply. Finally, we deliver not only in Dubai, UAE where we are the preferred suppliers, but to over 50 countries where we have our footprint, thus ensuring that you will receive the delivery where you desire to have it done.


Isher Trading LLC is a customer driven organization and we assure you that our products and service capabilities are the best on offer and our huge list of client testimonials are a proof of the same. We’re sure you’ll have a pleasant time dealing with us.