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How to Determine the Quality of Automobile Parts

The quality of any part can mean the difference between having a working vehicle and not having one. It’s also true there are many companies that sell automobile parts and it can be a challenge to find parts that are both of good quality and from reputable companies. This article attempts to outline some suggestions on how to evaluate whether you’re buying parts of the highest quality.

Section: Look for Brand Names

If you are a regular online shopper, you probably already know that there are many great bargains to be found in cyberspace. However, if you see a deal that seems too good to be true, it usually is. The same goes for parts. It’s best not to buy from bargain-basement companies; otherwise, you may end up with a part of inferior quality or a product that doesn’t even work at all.

Instead, look for brand names such as Nissan, Kia, Hyundai and Toyota genuine parts Dubai. These products tend to be high quality and reliable because they are manufactured by companies who have established their reputation in the industry. If they don’t meet consumer standards, they won’t be able to stay in business.

While it may be tempting to buy the cheaper no-name part, it is almost always a false economy, since the no-name part will not last as long as the original and so you’ll have to replace it more often.

Section:  Look for Certifications

One thing you can do to find out about the quality of a part is to look for certifications from third parties on its packaging. These certifications indicate that an independent organization has tested the part and determined that they meet certain safety standards or are as good as they say they are. For example, some electronics parts have certifications from Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., which ensures they were made in accordance with safety standards set by regulatory agencies.

Section: Check for Warranties

Most manufacturers offer at least a limited warranty on their products. If a company is willing to stand behind their product and guarantee its quality, it’s likely that the parts are going to be of higher quality than those offered by companies that won’t back up their products in this way.

In order to determine whether a warranty is sufficient, you’ll need to look over the details of the warranty carefully. Different warranties have different coverage and exclusions, so they aren’t all created equal. Be wary of any company or dealer that does not offer warranties on their products because this could mean that the parts are of poor quality or even stolen!

Section: Inspect the Item/Check for external damage

One of the most important things to check when looking at car parts is the item’s condition. If you cannot see it visually, then you can make sure that you are not going to receive a damaged part by returning it as soon as it arrives.

The first thing to do is inspect the item for any external damage. This is most important when dealing with items that are used or aftermarket parts.

If you can, inspect the part in person before making a payment. Make sure that it is free of any visual damage and that all of the features are working properly. Even if you cannot do this, you should still be able to return an item if it does not match the seller’s description.

Section: The spare part has the correct fit for your vehicle

Isher Trading Mercedes, Toyota, Kia, Nissan or Mazda OEM/Genuine parts Dubai have the same fit as the one being replaced. This means, if it does not fit perfectly, then it is a fake or an imitation. You need to check if the part is suitable for your make and model of vehicle before you buy it. The parts should be compatible with your car’s specifications, so that there are no problems when you install them in your vehicle.

Section: Assess what the part will be used for

The most important step in determining part quality is evaluating how the part will be used in an application. This is especially important if you are purchasing a custom part. Even if you are purchasing a standard part, you need to know precisely how it will be used and what conditions it will encounter. The more you know about a product’s usage and performance requirements, the more likely you are to purchase a high quality part that meets your needs.

To assess how a part will be used, ask yourself some of the following questions:

– What type of machinery is the part going to be used on?

– What kind of environment is the machinery going to be operating in?

– How much maintenance will the machinery require?

– Do you have a spare for a replacement if something breaks or is damaged?

– How much can you afford to pay for the part?

Section: Check who supplies the parts.

Your online retailer should be able to answer any questions you have about their parts and their suppliers. You may also want to find out if they sell OEM parts or aftermarket parts and what the differences are between these types of parts. If an online store does not use an OEM supplier for a specific part, then that part may be inferior.

If you are looking for genuine or replacement parts, then you need to look at who manufactures them. Isher Trading have been the leading supplier of wholesale Asian and European genuine parts in Dubai for over 30 years providing a huge range of products from more than 50 brands including Nissan, Toyota, Honda, INFINITI and Volkswagen OEM/Genuine Spare parts Dubai.

Section: Check the reputation and the feedback.

Most online retailers have a reputation or feedback system that allows previous customers to rate their experience with the retailer. If there are numerous negative feedbacks, that should be a red flag and prompt you to look elsewhere when ordering your parts.

If they have been around for a while, then they probably offer high-quality products that people trust. You can also look at their ratings and comments from previous customers. This will give you an idea on how good their products are as well as their customer service skills and reliability as a supplier.

Section: Ask about return policies.

If you’re working with a knowledgeable vendor, they should be able to tell you if parts are made by a reputable manufacturer and aren’t prone to problems. If they can’t tell you that, or if they don’t have a return policy, it’s best to shop elsewhere. This is true even if the price is right — there’s no point in saving money if you end up with substandard parts.

If you’re buying from an auto parts store chain, ask if they stock the brands they sell. If they don’t, it may suggest that those brands have a high level of returns and are not worth your time.

Section: 3-2-1 Rule of the thumb

Here’s a quick rule of thumb for evaluating the quality of parts: The 3-2-1 rule.

The 3-2-1 rule says that if there are more than three suppliers for a part, it’s probably a good part. If there are two or fewer, be wary. If there is only one supplier, don’t buy it!

Why? Well, remember that by “supplier” we mean “independent supplier.” This is because the OEMs themselves will offer their own overpriced spare parts. The fact that they’re “Original” doesn’t make them any better quality.

Buying parts is not a one time investment.

Parts are the backbone of any vehicle. Without them, your car cannot function properly. The quality of parts is directly proportional to the performance and durability of the vehicle. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the quality of parts before buying them for your vehicle.

No matter what the reason, the fact remains that buying auto parts is expensive and a huge investment for most of us. Automobile parts cost a lot and no matter how hard we try, it’s almost impossible to avoid spending money on vehicle repairs and maintenance. However, there are ways through which you can save money on spare parts such as buying High-Quality automobile Parts.

The importance of high-quality auto parts cannot be stressed enough. Low-quality spare parts may cost you less, but they will not last long and will cause more problems than they solve, thereby causing you to spend more money in the long run. Buying good quality auto parts may require you to spend a considerable amount in the beginning; however, the benefits of using reliable spare parts are numerous and well worth it in the end.

Another benefit of using high-quality car parts is that they can save you money by reducing your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Some low-quality car parts also increase your car’s carbon emissions which is harmful to the environment and also costs you more due to increased fuel consumption.


Overall, the most important thing you can do when it comes to parts is to take time to source them. Get to know the brands, the specs, and what kinds of things they specialize in. Many of these are online retailers, so be sure that you like their website interface and their overall shopping experience before you buy anything. This will save you some headaches down the line when you have a project that relies on fast delivery – it’s cheaper and easier to make your order with a company you are familiar with. You can find out more about all the brand’s original spare parts at Isher Trading.

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