What is the difference between Land Rover Genuine/OEM and Replica spare parts?

The product range online constitutes genuine parts and ‘Replica’ parts. Some of these parts have ‘Land Rover Genuine Part’ printed on the packaging – they are nsn, part numbers and installation instructions are included. Therefore noticing the difference may be difficult. Our aim here is to provide you with as much information as we can about these differences so that you can make informed decisions about the parts you purchase.

Land Rover parts are a luxury accessory to any Land Rover and help you in the pursuit of adventure. No matter what vehicle you own, Land Rover genuine spare parts will be safe for your car, ensuring that it is working at its best.


Land Rover Genuine/OEM parts are made of aluminium and silicon alloy materials. These are used to ensure optimum strength and durability. Also, they are scrutinised and tested to ensure that they are of high quality. On the other hand, Replica spare parts use cheap materials such as steel etc., which tend to bend or break easily under pressure.

Replica spare parts may sound like a good bargain but they fail to provide optimum performance due to their low-quality material composition. On the other hand, Land Rover Genuine/OEM parts provide optimum performance because they have undergone stringent testing procedures before being released in the market.


Balance is the most important aspect of every component. The increased importance of balance standards is due to the new engines and transmissions that have been designed for Land Rover vehicles. The balance of each component is a critical factor in ensuring that it can operate smoothly, without vibration and with minimal wear.

The precision design, engineering and manufacturing processes ensure that the correct balance has been achieved, which provides you with safe clearance from components, uncompromising capability on and off-road, as well as longevity in use. Even small deviations in balance can have an impact on the performance of your vehicle, which is why you should take such great care in ensuring that the spare parts you source are balanced correctly during manufacture.


In our experience in supplying Land Rover OEM/genuine spare parts Dubai, we identify the main difference is that Genuine/OEM products are tested and approved by the manufacturer.  They are designed to meet safety standards, while Replica spare parts do not undergo any testing or approval process. This can lead to a decrease in safety for both drivers and passengers; especially if these parts are used as replacements for damaged ones on your vehicle.

Value for Money

The first thing to consider is that Genuine parts are usually expensive. However, this is not always the case as some Genuine parts can be found at reasonable prices. On the other hand, Replica spare parts are cheap and affordable. This means that you will save a lot of money when buying these parts. You can even buy them in bulk and this will give you even more savings. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer Replica parts over genuine ones because they can get the same quality at a cheaper price.

Unlike genuine parts, replica parts can be manufactured anywhere in the world. In fact, replica spare parts are often produced in countries that do not hold safety and quality standards as highly developed as Britain. Land Rover cars are designed by a British manufacturer and built to last. Most Land Rover OEM/genuine spare parts Dubai have been custom-manufactured by Land Rover and its approved suppliers using only the highest-quality components available. Isher Trading only stocks genuine Land Rover parts to ensure our customers a consistently excellent level of workmanship throughout their vehicles’ lifetime.